Asset Tracking


Asset Tracking

Get the real-time location information of your valuable business assets, on and off-site consignments, and warehouse inventory. Get both indoor and outdoor monitoring capabilities with ITHENA Asset Tracking. 

Track, trace and be assured of your asset safety with
ITHENA Asset Tracking
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Increase in
Maintenance Productivity

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Increase in
Asset Utilization

ITHENA’s Asset Tracking helps track asset movement and comes with the
following benefits

Extended asset lifetime

Reduced maintenance expenses

Streamlined audit & daily operations

Real-time asset management

Scheduling & tracking asset maintenance

Increased productivity

Enabled asset recovery and GPS positioning

Improved customer service

Solution Drivers
For a safer, secure, and a brighter community







Along with accurate asset tracking and asset monitoring, you will also
get personalized features.

Smart Dashboards

Persona driven, intuitive, simple, multilevel, workflow-driven analytics to manage the infrastructure for inclusive value

Tracking on Wheels

Track assets on wheels and
the vehicle itself, at any time with
geofencing alerts

Condition Monitoring

Streamlines operations & identifies an issue before it becomes an actual problem; Better planning & resource utilization in operation

Cloud-Based Security

Achieve the most secure data storing and management by using cloud-based security

Alarms & Alerts

Get SMS / Email notifications if the asset is misplaced or in the wrong vicinity

Device Management

The device management kit manages devices, apps, profiles & assets with ease

Use Cases

From warehousing, inventory management,
fleets, industrial and mobile products

Real-time tracking

Get the exact location of an asset and manage assets from other locations; Also, little to no chance for asset loss or theft

Applications – Inbound & Outbound Tracking

Get value of both inside and outside location tracking

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