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ITHENA’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities have helped solve real-world problems! Converging the disparate sources of Data to bring a unified interface – to help make companies forward-looking rather than making decisions in the rearview mirror – is what our AI teams deliver! With the help of our persona-based platform we help convert the organizational culture of our customers across sales, marketing, operations, supply chain management, engineering, manufacturing, and customer service from reactive to prepared and proactive. Build next-gen AI / ML solutions with ITHENA to embrace the real potential of digital transformation.

Machine Learning Modeling Approach

  • Access data from any data source – your laptop, an application or a data warehouse
  • Easily blend data of any size and any type – all file formats supported
  • Aggregate, sort, filter, and join data on your device, in-database, or in distributed big data environments
  • Explore data with interactive charts and visualizations
  • Automate spreadsheets or other manual, repetitive data tasks
  • Choose from a complete range of analytic techniques, with access to all popular ML libraries
  • Bundle segments of workflows as components for reuse
  • Integrate scripting in Python, R, and Javascript – and share for later reuse
  • Extend KNIME capabilities by adding custom functionality through coding


As the world is moving beyond automation towards “autonomous”, AI/ML is fast becoming a cornerstone for the future readiness of organizations. Get to know more about our AI /ML offerings.

Sales & Promotion Analytics

ITHENA’s sales analytics solution includes customer analytics which focuses on and drives revenues by upselling, cross-selling, building on customer loyalty, and using targeted promotions and advertising tools like basket analysis.

Operations Analytics

The AI/ML-based frameworks built by ITHENA will uplift your operational functions including your supply chain management, and will also help you with demand forecasting, inventory optimization, and logistics & transportation.

Manufacturing Analytics

With ITHENA’s experience in manufacturing, you will have an advantage in planning your production and carrying out predictive maintenance. Our solutions will help set up the optimum quality for your products and manage production and workforce with ease.

Service Analytics

Our purpose is to drive customer service excellence as part of the back office as well as on the field. By utilizing service analytics, customers have improved satisfaction and you benefit from reduced operations and warranty costs.


ITHENA’s Machine Learning (ML) capability provides features like NLP, chatbots to answer a human request in customer assistance scenarios, image to text recognition, and machine vision for visual analytics.


We have a holistic approach for shaping and implementing our AI / ML services.


Analyzing and
understanding data &
business requirements


Data sourcing & processing these data to find patterns and correlations

Model Development

Modelling, Ingestion &
Quick POC with Quality

Model Deployment

AI/ML model deployment followed by testing

Roll Out

Integrating the model & providing support services to make sure it works on various data sets

Success Stories

Selected success stories where our AI / ML Service have helped our clients deliver value

Experience personalized smart chat bot for customer engagement

For an e-commerce company, we integrated a smart chatbot on the retail floor to drive customer engagement and service for the company. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the chatbot served as a versatile and proactive assistant, adept at handling customers' inquiries, showcasing products, and engaging with the right individuals based on thorough profile analysis.

Implemented automated social listing and ticketing for automobile industry

For an auto manufacturing company, we leveraged Natural Language Processing which led to a significant enhancement in customer service, ultimately resulting in increased customer satisfaction and streamlined communication processes. By leveraging NLP technology, the auto manufacturing company can now identify and understand customers more effectively.

Simplify Manufacturing process with ITHENA’s AI / ML-enabled forecasting

For an FMCG company, we automated demand forecast for goods & services for each geographic area and optimized power & raw materials for maximum productivity. The implementation of supply chain and logistics optimization using supervised learning was also carried out.

The holistic integration of automation and optimization technologies has transformed the FMCG company's operations, enhancing its competitiveness, productivity, and sustainability.

Water quality prediction using machine learning techniques

To evaluate the quality of water for a mineral water bottling plant we used Machine Learning techniques like clustering and factor analysis. The combination of clustering and factor analysis enabled the bottling plant to gain a comprehensive understanding of water quality across various dimensions. Furthermore, the application of Unsupervised Learning techniques ensured that the evaluation process is adaptable and data-driven.

Inventory replenishment for an e-commerce company

By leveraging reinforcement learning in an e-commerce company's demand forecasting and inventory management process, we provided accurate demand forecasting, optimize supplier lead times, maintain safety stock levels, and prevent stock-outs, thereby ensuring a seamless and satisfying shopping experience for its customers.



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