Big Data
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Harness the power of data to drive
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AI-driven Big Data &

ITHENA’s Big data & analytics capabilities assist organizations in harnessing their data and using it to identify new opportunities. That, in turn, leads to intelligent business moves, more efficient operations, much higher profits, and delighted customers.

Unforgettable AI

As the world is moving beyond automation towards autonomous, AI/ML is fast becoming a cornerstone for the future readiness of organizations. Get to know how customers are utilizing ITHENA’s capabilities in AI – that are integrated across Human & Machine learning.

AI-driven Functional Use Cases

1Sales & Promotion Analytics Supply Chain Operations Analytics Manufacturing & Service Analytics I/IoT Data sets

AI-based Digital Technology

Our capabilites across Machine, Vision, Image, Video, Text help you get the most of out of ERP, Big Data & Telematics datasets

AI across IoT & Telematics

Get the most of your event streams, industrial equipment or telematics data feeds - including pattern recognition, early detection warnings & predictive intelligence.

Engaging Experiences with AI

Bring the outcomes of your complex AI algorithms into easy to use visualizations! Utilize our capabilities to integrate ML outcomes with BI tools.


In today’s data-centered world, it’s easier to acquire vast amounts of data than it is it manage, organize and extract valuable insights from it. Connect with us today to discuss how you can best use the transformational power of data-embedded intelligence.

Advisory & Consultancy Services

ITHENA engages with leaders to define data-driven business models, digital strategy, and transformation roadmaps.  Our team of seasoned consultants has been engaged with global organizations in –

  • ROI & Business Case Identification & Development
  • Design & Architecture of Data Strategy & Roadmap
  • Technology Evaluation, Prototyping & Benchmarking
  • Change Management and Training

Data Management

ITHENA implements policies & procedures that put the Organization in control of their business data regardless of where it resides.  Our offerings in this space cover the below areas –

  • Data Engineering & Enterprise Data Integration
  • IT & OT Data Integration
  • Master Data Management Implementation
  • Setup of Enterprise Data Stores, Data Warehouses, Data Lakes
  • Information Architecture on Cloud, Hybrid, and On-Premise
  • Migration and Integration with Big Data Platform

Enterprise BI

ITHENA’s Enterprise BI helps both small and large organizations increase productivity and efficiency.  We help our customer setup an enterprise-wide business intelligence platform covering –

  • Reporting, Dashboarding, Workflows for Business & Functions
  • Advanced Analytics using Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science Features
  • Self-Service BI Frameworks
  • Mobile Business Intelligence
  • Migration of BI Platforms

Data Visualization

ITHENA’s DV helps to communicate business insights from data through visual representation. Its main goal is to distill large datasets into visual graphics to allow for an easy understanding of complex relationships within the data.

The analytics offerings under this section are focused on specific business areas and problems in the areas which include Sales, Servicing Logistics, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Quality.

  • Enterprise Real-Time IoT Analytics
  • Social Intelligence & Analytics
  • Real-Time Vehicle Analytics Platform
  • Departmental Analytics


We have a holistic approach for shaping and implementing big data and analytics programs.


Interview, Empathize & Ideate to clearly define needs


Understand the Business to achieve maximum impact


Data acquisition, modelling & ingestion