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Business Transformation

Unlock the key to success by transforming your business!

Transform Business
with Digital Tech

Move into the digital orbit or gain significant traction in your existing digital journey with our Agile & Engaging Transformation capabilities!

ITHENA’s agile methods help businesses transform into a scalable entity for the future. By swiftly resolving issues and engaging users through the appropriate channels at the opportune time, we enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

From modernizing your systems of records to creating the best possible Customer Experience using Web 3.0 and Mobility Platforms, ITHENA provides a comprehensive approach to delivering Business Transformation through Digital Tech!

Know how our Business Transformation services
have helped businesses

Migrating the clients on-premise EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The client, a leading steel pail manufacturer based in the United States, encountered difficulties in attaining operational efficiency and scaling their business owing to their on-premises EBS platform. These challenges not only posed security risks but also hindered scalability.

To tackle these issues, the ITHENA team implemented measures to enhance operational efficiency throughout the enterprise. They formulated a migration strategy to transition to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enabling automated data backups and reporting, effectively reducing the total cost of ownership and improving overall end customer experience.

reduction in total cost of ownership
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E-commerce platform for a leading FMCG retailer

The client is a leading US-based FMCG retailer who were looking to establish a strong digital presence owing to increasing customer demands. They aimed to provide customers with a convenient shopping experience while optimizing their supply chain and distribution processes.

To meet these requirements, the team at ITHENA implemented a robust and scalable e-commerce platform that helped the client in setting up customer/product hierarchies. The platform was also integrated with functionalities such as email communication, Google Analytics and more, resulting in detailed business insights and informed business decisions.

increase in overall sales
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Manufacturing Integration

Achieve business process automation through seamless integration.

Operations Excellence

Building the Factory of the Future, Today!

Systems Readiness | MES Implementation | Industrial IoT | Integrated Workflows

ITHENA's manufacturing services help businesses gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Our comprehensive services encompass the entire automation journey by integrating your assets in the factory or in the field with state of the art Industrial software, persona-driven visualizations, integrated business processes - resulting in predictive operations | reduced downtime | immersive automated experience. Enable productivity gains operational savings opportunity with our proven Manufacturing Systems Integration capability.

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Enhancing Assembly and Servicing Processes with ITHENA’s IoT services

Our client encountered challenges related to complex assembly/disassembly instructions, a learning curve for new shop floor technicians, and delays in launching new products to the market.

To tackle these issues, ITHENA's IoT service team implemented a comprehensive AR-based visual guide on tab and mobile devices, providing step-by-step assembly and disassembly instructions that significantly reduced training time. The guide included 360-degree views of focus parts and detailed renderings of sub-assemblies, resulting in faster product introductions. By incorporating FBX objects and adopting the Unity 3D framework, the quality of assembly products and customer satisfaction was increased.

To enhance the experience of employees and simplify learning and application processes, the team integrated HoloLens for a more immersive experience and streamlined the back-end system to automate workflows.

increase in customer satisfaction
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Data Management

Realize the true potential of your data assets.


The ONE Data Platform Approach.
Engage with our teams to build the most integrated data analytics experience!
Data Identification | Pipeline | Aggregation | Visualization | AI Outcomes
Bringing together the best platform capabilities along with the most comprehensive AI & Machine Learned Algorithms!

With ITHENA's Big Data & AI/ML solutions, organizations unlock the full potential of their information assets, leading to valuable insights that lead to productivity gains & new business opportunities, with the ONE Data Platform.

Our services help build next-generation AI/ML solutions that enable your digital transformation journey.

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Know how our Data Management services have helped businesses

ITHENA’s Big Data & Analytics solution for a leading smart trailer monitoring company

Our client, a leading provider of a multi-functional smart trailer monitoring system, needed a scalable system to handle their complex fleet telematics data and improve logistics efficiency and fleet uptime.

To address these challenges, ITHENA implemented a Big Data & Analytics solution involving telemetry data staging and cleansing, and data science model application. This enabled the system to provide value-added services, providing analytical insights that helped prioritize features for their telematics platform.

increase in fleet uptime
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Big Data and AI/ML solution for a top insurance company in Middle East

The challenges faced by a prominent general insurance company in Saudi Arabia revolved around effectively managing large volumes of complex data from various sources and extracting valuable business insights from it.

In response to these challenges, ITHENA implemented an AI/ML-based data analytics solution. This solution facilitated the seamless migration of data from diverse sources into a centralized data analytics platform. Subsequently, the platform was leveraged to generate actionable business insights and detect potential fraud, thereby minimizing risks for the client

increase in revenue
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Cloud Modernization

Empowering businesses for efficient operations.

Ready for the
Modern Cloud

Scale your infrastructure with automation & verticalization of the Cloud!

Infrastructure | CI.CD | Data Analytics | Hybrid & Managed Cloud Processes

ITHENA's Cloud & Process Integration services help businesses connect disparate applications in unison, through a managed cloud experience. Whether you have private cloud-based applications, hybrid systems across multiple cloud providers, engage with ITHENA to build a continuous development & deployment pipeline of Cloud Applications.

From migration to upgrade, monolithic to Micro-Service based Architectures, we help customers re-build or enhance their next journey of transformation with:
scale | robustness | security | ease | automation | integrated business process

Know how our Cloud & Process Integration services
have helped businesses

Cloud infrastructure service for industry-leading technology services provider

Our client, who delivers industry-leading capabilities with a broad portfolio of technology services, was confronted with challenges including high costs, limited support, scalability issues, and security threats.

To address these issues, ITHENA offered the client its Cloud service, enabling the migration and automation of data backups and reporting. The technical validation process encompassed the operating system, compute, storage, and network link, along with the application of missing patches for Fusion Middleware and the Applications tier. As a result, the client experienced a reduction in total cost of ownership through efficient utilization of cloud infrastructure, while security was enhanced with features such as data encryption and vulnerability scanning.

reduction in total cost of ownership
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Organization-wide process improvements and new functionalities with ITHENA’s Process Integration service.

Our client, a renowned manufacturer of Steel Pails, faced significant operational challenges stemming from manual interventions in ERP processes, limited visibility into inventory statuses across departments, revenue loss due to delayed response, and inefficiencies caused by repetitive tasks.

To address these issues, ITHENA took up a project to identify suitable processes for automation, including Sales Order Management, Scheduling, and Distribution. This initiative resulted in cost reduction by minimizing the need for manual intervention and enhancing operational efficiency.

increase in operational efficiency
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