Industrial IOT

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ITHENA offers automation, optimization, intelligent manufacturing and smart industry, asset performance management, maintenance, and industrial control. We are moving towards an on-demand service model, new ways of servicing customers, and the creation of new revenue models- the more mature goal of industrial digital transformation.

Sensor Installation & Integration

ITHENA designers have developed line devices that can be retrofitted on existing infrastructure. Our data management capabilities also give our customers an edge in data integration.

Get end to end sensor implementation related capabilities

  • Sensor Selection
  • Sensor Retrofitting
  • Sensor Device Integration
  • Sensor Data Ingestion & Management

Device Management

ITHENA’s Industrial IOT persona-based platform with its AI / ML and analytic workflows makes device onboarding easy for Industry infrastructure.

Our offerings in this space cover the below areas –

  • Device Provisioning & On-boarding
  • Edge Device Processing, System Programming, and Integration
  • PLC and Gateway Device Integration and Management

Edge Communication

ITHENA has state of the art communications protocols based on Message broker device connectivity, enabling seamless device inter-connectivity.

Learn more about what we work with regarding communications protocols

  • M2M communications using EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, and PROFINET
  • HMI integration
  • NB-IoT | LoRa | LPRF | NFC | BLE
  • LTE | 4G | 3G | Zigbee
  • Protocols – MQTT, COAP, AMQP and others

Platform and Application Integration

ITHENA’s experience in Industrial platform integration helps enterprises or small businesses with constant innovation and integration of business processes that in turn generate value.

Find out more about the design, development, and testing of integrations between the OT and the IT enterprise platforms.

  • Industrial platforms for OPC/DCS/SCADA on (Rockwell, Siemens, Kepware, Matrikon, and others)
  • Enterprise platforms include ERP (SAP, JDE, Infor, NAV), CRM (SFDC), SCM (Oracle)
  • Real time-synchronous, asynchronous, event-based, message-driven, and service-based integrations
  • Security and scalability considerations


We have a holistic approach for shaping analytic workflows and implementing Industrial IOT devices.
  • 1

    Strategic assessment and feasibility study

  • 2

    Implementation Plan for phase-wise implementation

  • 3
    Proof of Value

    POC/POV to develop and provide a prototype for measurable impact

  • 4

    Phase-Wise Pilot Strategic Rollout for ongoing assessment

  • 5

    At Scale Deployment for full rollout and implementation


Selected success stories where our Industrial IOT platform have helped our clients deliver value
Improved uptime and productivity for an auto parts manufacturer with IIoT
Reduction in unplanned failures, accidents and downtime of distribution transformers
Improved asset utilisation, availability and accountability with IIoT


We have a robust ecosystem of OEMs to support our solutions and services

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