Smart Waste Management

With our Smart Waste Management solution, get your cities and large facilities to eliminate overflowing garbage bins and dumpsters. ITHENA Smart Waste Management allows waste management administrators to plan the routes, only collecting trash cans or dumpsters that need to be emptied. This can save money in fuel and employee time.


ITHENA Smart Waste Management (SWM) keeps cities clean and citizens healthy all while providing eco-friendly benefits

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Missed Pickups

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Increase in City Cleanliness

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Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Lower Co2 Emissions

Reduction in Collection Cost

Reduced Overflow Waste

Improve street sanitation with ITHENA (SWM) and get a considerable list of benefits
Eliminate the cost of unnecessary collections
Improve process efficiency
Full transparency
See data in real time, 24/7
Identify cost-effective routes
Use remote diagnostics
Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint
Workforce Optimization


With a safer, cleaner, and more effective Smart Waste Management system, you will also get progressive features.
Bin Monitoring

If a bin is damaged or not in a good shape, it can be replaced once it's reported by anyone on our portal

Waste Generation Analysis

Helps improve fleet dispatching and in analyzing what kind of waste is dumped, and how much it weighs

Smart Alert

Smart alerts for garbage departments to dispatch fleets for pickup, when bins are full


Can be used for dumper truck tracking- to know whether the truck is on the assigned route and within city borders.

Smart Bins

Smart bin scans segregate the types of waste that goes in and then sends data to our cloud platform for Analysis

Route Optimization

Fleet depot and landfill management for better city routing

Smart Dashboards

Persona driven, intuitive, simple, multi-level, workflow-driven analytics to manage the infrastructure for inclusive value

Smart Environment

Smart Waste Management’s asset-tracking helps with the cleanliness of cities; Identifies if garbage bins are ready for pickup


Implement our solution and get the best out of it.

ITHENA SWM lowers total waste management costs, reduces CO2 emissions and encourages efficiency by minimizing overflows and enhancing citizens' well-being.


A technology University in United States has adopted ITHENA SWM, making their campus cleaner and the campus maintenance department operations more efficient.

Industrial Complex

A Industrial complex in India had adopted ITHENA SWM for maintaining hygiene and to keep improving on the cleanliness of their surroundings.

Up Your City's Hygiene by Making it Cleaner & Smarter with ITHENA SWM

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