Smart Utility Meter

In today’s world, consumers want greater control over their energy usage. Smart Utility Meters meets this demand, and can be used for electricity, gas, and water supply. Smart Utility Meter can provide detailed and accurate analytics on energy usage in real-time or at predetermined intervals, all without a technician’s help.


Get real-time and accurate readings on your energy usage to improve your energy consumption and take the next step towards smart living with ITHENA Smart Utility Meters.

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Reduction in Cost of Meter Data Collection

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Timely, Accurate Meter Data for Billing

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Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Reduced Energy Utilization

Reducing Utility’s Vehicular Needs

No Toxic Chemicals Involved

The Smart Utility Meter is helping consumers move forward in building progressive Smart Cities with dazzling benefits that indirectly increase consciousness of our environment.
Eliminates the efforts of manual monthly meter readings
Avoids the capital expense of creating new power plants
Encourages more efficient use of power resources
Provides responsive data for balancing electric loads while reducing blackouts
Monitors the electric system in real time
Optimizes profit with existing resources


With real-time and accurate data readings, you will also get progressive features.
Data Aggregation

Information is gathered and reported in a summary form; Integrated with MDMS, MBUS modules for data capture

On-Demand Reports

Real-time usage data to provide a more transparent experience for the customers

Mobile & PDA Compatible

Personal digital assistant helps with quick, simple, and economical commissioning & connectivity

Retrofit Design

OEM agnostic design to enhance existing infrastructure

Integrated Dashboard

Single 360° view of the customer's meter consumption

LORA | LPRF | NB-IoT Connectors

Long range, low cost, long battery life, and high density connectors


Allows us to remotely install new software updates, features, and services

Fraud Detection

Fraud & leakage can be detected easily, so the cost of economical energy losses decreases


Implement our solution and get the best out of it.
Electric Meter

Large numbers of ITHENA SUM are operational in India, helping consumers monitor their utility readings in real-time and reduce their extensive energy consumption habits.

Gas Meter

Many ITHENA SUM's are live across India to help consumers monitor their kitchen gas usage and conserve gas by changing their cooking habits.

Water Meter

Numerous ITHENA SUM's are installed in India to monitor and control water billings which provides a great step towards water conservation.

Manage and consume energy with our smart and effective metering solution.

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