Smart Transformer

Smart transformers form the initial building blocks of developing smart cities. They prevent the power systems from experiencing load disturbances by isolating the source from load harmonics, transients, and voltage sags. Smart Transformers also reduce grid losses and help improve power supply reliability.


Manage your power consumption efficiency & improve your maintenance and repairs with ITHENA Smart Transformer (SXMER).

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Reduction in Manpower

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Increase in Reliability

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Increase in Service Excellence

Reduce Energy Consumption

Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

No Toxic Chemicals Involved

Smart Transformers have the ability to make the grid cleaner and more flexible.
Predefined monitoring logic triggers alerts for abnormality to prevent catastrophic failures
Automated Workflows – Service Management, Spares Reordering
Applicable to all types of transformers
Warnings / Alerts for substation controller to take corrective actions
Load Protection Measures over both mobile and web for anytime-anywhere access
Simple non-invasive energy efficiency system


The optimized nature of ITHENA SXMER generates several benefits, not just for the energy industry, but for consumers and businesses with the following features
Optimal Monitoring

Predefined monitoring logic triggers alerts for abnormalities to prevent catastrophic failures

Smart Alert

Smart warnings, alerts for substation controllers to take corrective actions

Parameter Monitoring

Temperature, pressure, oil level, load, moisture in the oil, particle discharge, gas accumulation rate, and others

Persona Driven

Different application personas - asset Mgr., Service Engr., Substation Controller, Customer Service Agent

Mobile and Web+

Load protection measures over both mobile and web for anytime-anywhere access

Retrofit Design

OEM agnostic design to enhance existing infrastructure

Smart Dashboards

Persona driven, intuitive, simple, 360° views of the Smart Transformer for better management


Implement our solution and get the best out of it.

ITHENA SXMERS are making a difference by creating a cleaner and more flexible grid for many cities in India and the United States.


A city in India had a head start in creating a smart, flexible, and clean grid for its industries with the help of ITHENA SXMER.

Monitors critical sub-system parameters and preempts catastrophic failures.

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