Smart Traffic Lights

Smart traffic lights eliminate inefficiencies at vacant intersections and traffic queues. In traffic situations, a network of smart traffic lights can detect trends and update their signals all in real-time. Effective transport is important for increasing economic efficiency, environmental-friendliness, and general citizen quality of life.


Manage the load on your road networks and the effects on safety and environment with ITHENA Smart Traffic Lights.

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Reduction in Everyday Congestion

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Increase in Customer Satisfaction

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Reduction in Fuel Consumption

Lower Air pollution rate

Reduced Noise Pollution

No Toxic Chemicals

Smart Traffic Lights are a revolutionary technology and can have a dramatic effect on traffic flow and congestion, made possible at a fraction of the cost of building a new road.
Reduce congestion and time spent on the road
Decrease pollution by reducing congestion
Provide data to further improve transportation
Make the road safer, reducing the chance of accidents
Update traffic light timing in real-time
Prioritize transportation flow


With safer and controllable Smart Traffic Lights, you will also get progressive features.
Smart Signalling

Self-learning signaling improves traffic outcomes and adapts to changing traffic density patterns

Traffic Adaptive Response Plan

Adjusts the cycle time of each plan as demanded by the traffic without the intervention of people

VIP Routing

VIP people get safe and secure route and create short transit times

Vehicle Detector

ITHENA's vision AI detects vehicles and calculates congestion, traffic flow, etc. for better system controls

Retrofit Design

Standards-based design to enhance existing infrastructure

Journey Time Monitoring

Track a vehicle across 10-15 intersections to witness traffic performance

Emergency Plan

To force intersections to go green in advance of emergency vehicles

Industrial Grade Equipment

All weatherproof equipment with optical swivel system and a sturdy tool-free design

Extensible Features

Know more about our value-added features
Gunshot alerting
Video analytics-based traffic alerts
Environmental condition monitoring


Implement our solution and get the best out of it.
Street and highway traffic lightings

In a metropolitan city, ITHENA STL optimized traffic throughout the day and helped local traffic authorities to take control of heavy traffic situations easily.

Campus traffic lightings

ITHENA STL was installed around campus to help control high volumes of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and to maintain safe patterns of travel within the grounds.

Manage & plan future traffic conditions to relieve congestion & improve productivity.

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