Smart Street Lights

Smart street lighting systems are widely accepted as the foundation for smart cities. Smart streetlights can transform the way community services around the globe manage cities. While simultaneously delivering enormous savings and adding intelligent controllers to streetlights, they also allow cities to further reduce energy consumption.


ITHENA Smart Street Lights (SSL) reduces the cost of energy usage, repair and maintenance, while enhancing the efficiency of lighting solutions.

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Increase in Customer Satisfaction

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Up to 50% Energy Savings

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Increase in Lamp Up-Time & Life

Lower Co2 Emissions

No Toxic

No UV Light

Retrofitting traditional streetlights with ITHENA SSL provides immediate energy savings and an additional list of benefits/opportunities
Resolving customer complaints by detecting and responding to outages faster
Enables Smart Scheduling for street lights, enhances the security and end user's experience
ITHENA SSL persona-based application helps increase lamp life
Easily track energy usage through pre-configured reports
Instant awareness of outages through email and SMS alerts and notifications
Helps in reducing Light Pollution


With safer, cleaner, more energy-efficient streetlights, you will also get progressive features.
Flexible Dimming Control

Dimming by groups, external light conditions, weather, etc

Mobile Application

Managing the device including repairs

Real Time Information

Drives quick decision making and actions

Smart Scheduling

Remote control & scheduling of multiple lamps

Retrofit Design

OEM-agnostic design

Smart Dashboards

Reporting of KPIs and holistic view of data across all tiers

Environmental Sensors

Information on location, position, motion detection & temperature

Edge communication

NB-IoT technology for super-fast communication

Fault Monitoring

Burnout, lamp cycling, ballast failures, voltage deviations, etc

Surge Protection

Inbuilt surge protection

Extensible Features

For a safer, secure, and a brighter community
Gunshot alerting
Video analytics-based alerts
Environment Monitoring
Wi-Fi device monitoring


Implement our solution and get the best out of it.
Street and highway lights

ITHENA SSL are operational in many cities of India, and has helped them in reducing energy consumption by up to 50%.

Campus lights

A university has Installed ITHENA SSL, as a path forward to become a completely sustainable Smart University.

Parking lot lights

Many malls have adopted ITHENA SSL and for the past one year, have managed to reduce energy consumption up to 50%.

Improve road safety and save energy with ITHENA Smart Street Lights

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