Smart Connected Products

ITHENA’s Smart Connected Products offer exponentially expanding opportunities for new functionality, including greater reliability, higher product utilization, and overall capabilities that cut across and transcend traditional product boundaries.

Our Solutions

Asset Tracking

Get real-time location information of your valuable business assets, on and off-site consignments...

Smart Waste Management

With our Smart Waste Management solution get your cities and large facilities to eliminate...


With ITHENA Smart Connected Products (SCP) get the most effective platform conversation and systems integration expertise for your initiatives.

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Increase in Efficiency

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Increase in Customer Satisfaction

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Increase in Asset Utilization

New Business Model

Machine to Machine Communication

Pay Per Use Model

Data-Driven Services

With ITHENA SCP get an entirely new set of product functions and capabilities along with a considerable list of benefits
Faster, more effective product updates and development
Smarter decision making
More efficient processes
Cheaper, more efficient maintenance and repair
Improved product usage
More autonomy than ever before


With ITHENA SCP not only will you get effective product updates and development, but you will also get progressive features.
Utilization Monitoring

Asset utilization monitoring with our asset tracking solution for better asset utilization

Condition Monitoring

Monitor parameters of conditions in machinery for predictive fault finding

Predictive Model

ITHENA’s AI-based data mining and probability tools forecast future outcomes

Real-Time Service Excellence

Personalized customer experiences with 24 X 7 web-based customer

Workflow Automation

Design, execution, and automation of processes with RPA and other AI services

Warranty Analytics

Statistical tools that convert raw data into business solutions to increase profits and reduce costs

Engineering Services

Embedded design, IoT product development, Platform integration & Web development

Smart Waste Management

Cities and businesses can manage the waste lifecycle with connected bins in a cost-efficient manner


Implement our solution and get the best out of it.
Industrial Complex

An Industrial complex in India had adopted ITHENA SWM for maintaining hygiene and for continuous improvement on the cleanliness of their surroundings.

Asset Tracking Inside Truck

Track your valuable assets inside delivery trucks; Example - Bank vehicles delivering cash can use this solution for security purposes.


ITHENA SWM lowers total waste management costs, reduces CO2 emissions and encourages efficiency by minimizing overflows and enhancing citizens' well-being.

Reimagine not only the products, but also the business models with ITHENA SCP

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