Smart Connected Factory

The introduction of IoT devices to the factory setting is one of the most effective ways to begin the transformation into a smart factory. Here, ITHENA’s Smart Connected Factory solution has IoT devices with its persona-based platform that gives it an edge in the domain of Smart Factory.

IMEX: ITHENA's Manufacturing Excellence Solution

Create an integrated workflow from your Manufacturing Process-enabling machine automation and real-time shop floor visibility using our persona-based applications.

What We Do

Design and Deliver unique Mfg. solutions.

  • Smart Factory
  • Shop floor automation/Shop floor connectivity/ Visualization/IIoT
  • Supply Chain Operations (Planning and scheduling)

Enabling Customers Industry 4.0 Journey

  • Truly connected mfg. operations “On Line – Real Time”
  • Complete paperless mfg. operations with 100% traceability and genealogy
  • Predictive Operations Vs Reactive Operations


  • Improvement in Manufacturing KPIs
    • Safety
    • Quality
    • Cost
    • Productivity

Our Services


MES Workshops
Product Selection
Machine Automation
Mfg. Strategy
Mfg Analytics


Business REQ'S
Functional REQ'S
Technical REQ'S


Server Installation
SW Installation
Configuration Mgmt.
Roll-Outs & Upgrade
Project Execution


Multi Level Support
Service Requests
C R Management
24X7 Global Support
FTS Model

Shop Floor to Top Floor Expertise


  • Temperature, Pressure, Level
  • Proximity, Inductive, Capacitive, Limit Switches, Laser
  • Vision Systems
  • NDT Systems
  • Ultrasonic
  • Acoustics


  • Rockwell: Logix Series, PLC 5
  • Siemens : S7-200, S7-300, S7-400
  • ABB : AC-800, AC-500
  • GE : RX3i
  • Schneider-Electric
  • Fanuc : All


  • Wonder ware : In Touch
  • GE : iFix, Cimplicity, Proficy
  • Rockwell : Factory View (SE, ME)
  • Siemens : WinCC
  • Schneider-Electric : Vijeo Citect
  • ABB : 800XA


  • Apriso (DS Systems)
  • FTPC (Rockwell Automation)
  • SIMATIC IT (Siemens)
  • Camstar(Siemens)
  • PTC Thingworx
  • Azure, AWS IoT
  • OSI PI – Operational Intelligence


  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • JD Edwards
  • Infor
  • Windchill

Experience Closed-Loop Manufacturing


Inventory Stats
BOM Management
Recipe Management
Production Schedule
Demand Management


Quality Plans
AQL Sampling
GMP | ISO Practices
Inspections | Scraps
Tolerance and Alerts


Human Safety
OSHA Compliance
Shop Floor | Warehouse Training


Master Data
WIP Management
Materials Management

AR / VR Integration

ITHENA’s AR/VR brings increased precision to every aspect of the industrial manufacturing process. ITHENA’s AR/VR technology helps detect and eliminate threats, instruct employees, and thus reduce the number of onsite accidents.


Enabling Technical Service Agents with Smart Wearables

  • Remote Support with Centralized SMEs
  • Hands-free. Higher Productivity
  • Guided Repair & Best Practices
  • Cost-Effective
  • Ready Record References
  • Efficient & Field Ready

Leveraging AR / VR on the Shop Floor

  • Line and Machine Hot spots
  • Checklist for each Hotspot
  • Before and After work completion Photograph evidence
  • Videos to guide user through line clearing Instructions

AR Solutions with Smart Glasses

  • Hands-Free
  • Weighing & Dispensing
  • Retail Store Optimizer
  • Instruction in Line of sight
  • Voice Prompt Help
  • Step-by-Step How-to Instructions
  • Line Clearance and EWI
  • Training


ITHENA Smart Connected Products (SCF) are reshaping industry boundaries and creating entirely new spaces with many industry-specific benefits.

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Increase in Performance

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Increase in Quality

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Increase in Availability
ITHENA SCF is less about producing volumes and more about the intelligent and dynamic creation of value with its considerable list of benefits
Improved Productivity
Energy Efficiency
More Manufacturing Jobs
Maximum flexibility
Increase in Asset efficiency
Innovation and Higher Quality Products


With ITHENA SCF not only will you get effective Industry upgrades and development, but you will also get progressive features.
Real Time Information

Real time production monitoring which drives quick decision making and actions

Quality Assurance

Digitization of quality audits, increase in quality production and Genealogy; Traceability of final products

Uniform Factory Configurator

Drag & drop interface allows setting up plant hierarchy and then export it to automation and visualization layer with the push of a button

Overall Equipment Efficiency

ITHENA SCF increases OEE by optimizing availability, performance, quality, yield, and throughput

Predictive Maintenance

Anomaly detection and predictive model for asset maintenance and smart scheduling

Real time service

Guided repairs with AR / VR and a service workflow automation that also ensures spare part availability

Personalized Dashboards

Persona driven, intuitive, simple, multilevel, workflow-driven analytics to manage the infrastructure for inclusive value

AI Assisted Planning

AI enabled operations planning, to increase Efficiency and Throughput of the factory


Implement our solution and get the best out of it.
Improved uptime and productivity for an auto parts manufacturer with ITHENA SCF

We defined the SCF roadmap for an auto parts manufacturer and rolled out a connected machines solution for its production lines, improving the availability and efficiency of the machines.

Improved asset utilisation, availability, and accountability with ITHENA SCF

We rolled out an asset tracking solution for a medical devices factory to improve the traceability of medical equipment, ensuring on-time availability and reducing inventory management errors.

Making Factories Smarter across Industries with iMEX

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