ITHENA partners with PTC to digitally transform customer experience across industries

Richmond, VA, USA, May 20th, 2019 – ITHENA, a global digital solutions company specializing in AI.ML & IoT Analytics announced a collaboration with PTC – the leader in IoT platform and PLM software management, to create integrated, market-ready solutions based on Industrial IoT-based cloud technology.  ITHENA has built accelerators to enable rapid deployment providing digital agility and Smart Industry solutions for customers, utilizing the world-class PTC Thingworx and Vuforia Platform.  As a technology partner, ITHENA would continue to develop strategic experiences in the IoT and IIOT space, enabling both those customers looking to build their Industrial journey on the shop floor and those looking to build a connected ecosystem for their smart products.  The accelerators built by ITHENA span across help organizations gain operational efficiencies, reduce infrastructure costs, improve time-to-value, and raise overall productivity.

ITHENA sees tremendous value in partnering with PTC to deliver critical capabilities across various industry segments including Manufacturing, Automotive, Smart Cities, and the Defence and Federal governments. Some of these solutions include:

  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Smart Connected Products
  • Smart Connected Factory
  • Smart Immersive Experiences

“I have been extremely impressed with ITHENA’s AI capabilities to apply PTC’s ThingWorx Industrial IoT platform and Vuforia to digitally transform organizational processes, data collection and drive meaningful results that are relevant across industries. We are excited to be working with such an impressive and capable organization”. Zach Botsford, from PTC. “It will bring the monetization opportunity through both taking products to market with integrated IoT and AR experiences, as well bring efficiencies to operations through higher productivity and safety.

Probodh Chiplunkar, Partner at ITHENA said: “This is a partnership that will bolster our core offering of persona-based applications and further scale our solution in the IIoT marketplace. This partnership brings together ITHENA’s IoT integration capabilities along with PTC’s industrial platforms including ThingWorx and Vuforia, resulting in solutions that will help customers drive higher productivity & efficiency and reduce operational risk”.” ITHENA helps customers transform their businesses through digital technology. Focused on the foundation of a persona-based AI led application engine, we help customers monetize their digital investments by answering two questions – who cares? And so, what?”

We have high expectations for this partnership, which we believe will be successful and grow stronger over time.

About PTC

PTC has the world’s most advanced Internet of Things technology. PTC revolutionized digital 3D modeling in 1986, and PTC was the first to market with Internet-based PLM in 1998. Our leading IoT and AR network, as well as our field-proven solutions, now put the physical and digital worlds together to rethink how you develop, operate, and service goods. PTC allows global manufacturers and an ecosystem of partners and developers to build on the IoT’s promise today and accelerate innovation into the future.

About ITHENA Technologies

ITHENA solutions & services focus on providing digital experiences in IoT, e-commerce, mobile applications, cloud services, and AI/ML. With over 50+ Customers across the globe, and under 150+ Engineers, and Consultants, we have delivered over 70+ Digital Projects. ITHENA’s platform is Flexible, Scalable, Affordable, Integrated, and Persona-Based – which offers an edge in the deployment of smarter and safer customers tomorrow!