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Our platform is the world’s leading OTT platform that allows you to seamlessly launch and manage Video Streaming. Our proprietary features help you monetize and engage with your audience.
From seamless integrated experience for your users, to unrestricted Branding freedom.

What makes us different


Broadcast your content to multiple destinations from one single platform

Watch & Chat

Engage audience with real-time cross-platform chat. Enable audiences to chat while watching content. Leverage the power of AI driven targeted ads where you control CPM pricing and keep all benefits of digital advertisements

15X Advertising Revenues

Leverage the power of AI driven targeted ads where you control CPM pricing and keep all benefits of digital advertisements

Deploy Fast, No Coding Required

Quickly capture market with little effort. With our time-to-launch averaging 25-40 days, ITHENA’s OTT Platform is the fastest way to distribute your content. We do all the heavy lifting: from infrastructure, to scaling, publishing, updates, and continuous improvement. LEAVE it to US.

ITHENA OTT Platform Highlights

Branding Freedom

ITHENAs itheatre platform is designed for optimal User Experience and Engagement. This enables personalization to application’s look and feel to blend and match your Brand Perfectly. ITHENA’s branding is nowhere to be found, SO your BRAND can SHINE!

Streaming Analytics

Advanced Analytics makes it easier to understand your audience content behavior and Marketing ad campaigns. Deep dive into our built-in Advanced Analytics modules for Detailed Insights: Dig into watch-time to crack your users’ behavior. Identify your Best Performing content and focus your efforts on replicating success for your OTT Streaming Service.

One CMS, dynamic management

Manage all your content in a Centralized Admin Area. Updates to videos, collections, genres, movies, documentaries, etc. will be instantly rolled out to all your Apps Instantly.

ITHENA OTT Platform Benefits

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Built For Every Industry

itheatre is Industry agnostic. So you can build your own OTT Platform, manage all your content from a centralized CMS, Engagement, Distribution and Monetization all in one place.
TV Broadcaster




Cable Operator


Radio & Podcast

Regional Content

Most Popular Features

In-App Notifications
In-App Purchases
Progress Sync
Offline Viewing
Resume Watching
Play audio while phone is locked

Apps for all devices

Pc & Laptop
Smart TV Platforms

Let us handle the Tech!

Let us help you go to market quickly without having to hire developers and engineers. ITHENA does it all.
• App Dev & Maintenance
• Live Streaming
• Video Hosting and CMS
• 24/7 Support and on-boarding
• 99.99% Uptime and Global Delivery


Here are some more of our awesome features that your users will Love

Live-stream to any device
Enable in-app purchases for added reach
Built specifically for AVOD, TVOD and SVOD memberships
One Predictable Monthly fee
Highly secure operations to keep users and content secure
Send regular updates to your audience to increase engagement

FAQ Section

How difficult it is to set up my OTT apps?

It’s a total breeze for you, a little work for us 🙂

The platform does the heavy lifting, and we even maintain it after launch.

Can I sell ads on my apps?

Of course. We even help you monetize on your ads.

Do I need a dev team?

No, you don’t need a dev team.

You just have to upload your logo/brand and your content.

Can I get analytics about the content and views?

Yes. ITHENA’s OTT platform offers a comprehensive analytics view with all the data you can need to keep growing your business and brand.

Can I bring my own advertisers?

Yes, you can bring in programmatic advertising, targeted and direct ads. ITHENA’s OTT AdStudio makes it easy to upload, schedule, and track your campaigns with your advertisers.

Can I set other languages on the platform?

The platform takes care of localization, so it allows you to set your own language across the Platform including sign-in, sign-out and checkout pages.

Can I export my users and content at anytime?

Yes. You own the users and content, we make it easier for you to do 1-click exports.

Can your system handle millions of viewers?

Easily! ITHENA OTT Platform connects to various CDNs across the world, so we can support millions of simultaneous connections at once.

Can I set my own domain name?

Yes. Branding freedom and OTT Starter Pack allows for easy domain configuration.

Do I get access to all my customers information, including billing information?

Yes, you can fully access your customer’s information and even export it at any time. You can also access their billing information. The backend allows you to reset customer passwords, add and remove users, see what they are watching and much more.

Can I integrate with marketing software such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact and others?

Yes. ITHENA’s OTT platform integrates with over 5000+ apps, so you can connect to MailChimp, Constant Contact, Zapier, SalesForce, GoogleSheets, Slack, and many more.

Can I create coupons and discounts?

Yes.  You can create and publish coupons and discounts for your customers, and offer 7-14 day free trials.  You can even set up bundles and family plans and run promotions for the Holiday Season.

Can I set my own price for my content?

Yes. You have full control of pricing. You can sell subscriptions, fixed-price content, rentals, or even free content.

Can I sell subscriptions, fixed price, or rental offers on my site?

Yes. The OTT platform allows you to sell free content, fixed-price, rentals, and subscriptions! You can also mix and match offers.

What type of support do you provide?

We offer 24/7 support with a same-day response on all plans for all customers.

Do I retain the rights to my content?

Yes. We do not have any control over your content or its rights.  We simply are a platform to support you and your business.

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