Slide Assisting businesses in developing a successful online presence ITHENA's iShopee application is a ground-breaking e-commerce platform for all types of businesses.

We are delivering enterprise-grade digital commerce and marketing technology to every supermarket in the world. Are you eager to learn more?
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With ITHENA's iShopee…

Get Online Within a Few Weeks

Simply register! Within two weeks, your online store will be ready. Our exclusive software intuitively calculates your store’s inventory.
Our staff works in the background to get you up and running in under few weeks.

Your Business. Your clients. Your Information.

You put forth a lot of effort to create your brand. We are capable of helping you take that brand online, reaching a broader audience and attracting new clients!
We create interactive web portals and mobile applications, all packed with features, so that your business can connect to your customers directly and grow!

Increase Profitably

Frustrated with hefty percentage-based commissions and a lack of price control? Look no further! ITHENA’s iShopee Application is the way to go. Flat price structure. No onboarding costs. Great profitability while giving you complete control.
With the same margins as in-store sales, any new revenue is immediately lucrative. Within the first three months, ITHENA’s iShopee Application clients gain an average of 40% more revenue.

Automated Delivery

With the iShopee Application, you can concentrate on what you do best: creating amazing orders for consumers, while we take care of your deliveries at the touch of a button.

Credit / Debit Card Management

We set up your website’s credit card process to be completely safe by employing 128-bit encryption, the industry standard. The data that is processed in is transmitted into code which is unreadable if intercepted!

24×7 Availability

Ensures that anytime a consumer submits a request, they receive a response. This is made possible by several help desk features.
Your support team may send scripted or automatic replies to clients with typical questions, as well as those who submit requests beyond business hours, using an easy help desk support software.
The seamless administration of client requests makes it simple for agents to address them in a timely way, preventing clients from having to wait for hours.


New custom CMS for retailer

Shop filtering

Credit card management

Customer profile management

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