2021 Military Additive Manufacturing Summit

July 27 - July 28


First day:
July 27, 2021
Second day:
July 28, 2021


Hilton Tampa Downtown Hotel, Tampa, United States

ITHENA partners with PTC on Additive Manufacturing IoT for 3D Printers Manufacturing

ITHENA’s Additive Manufacturing (AM) Management is involved with the development, operation, and control of an AM transformation system that accepts a range of inputs and generates end-user-required products.

What are the best ways to mix IoT and 3D printing to achieve the best use cases?  Here are Some clever ways to combine these two technologies

• Using data collected via IoT to create custom-made items
• IoT devices made with 3D printing and no electronics
• Using 3D printing, the best casings for IoT gadgets may be created

With our persona-based services, IMEX can help you create an integrated workflow from your manufacturing process, enabling machine automation and real-time shop floor visibility. Which offers IMEX a leg up on the competition when it comes to handling Additive Manufacturing.

About The Event

DSI’s 5th Annual Military Additive Manufacturing Summit is designed as an educational “Town Hall” forum, where thought leaders & key policy-makers across military services, defense agencies, & civilian organizations can come together for actionable discussions & debate. This year’s Summit will focus on the latest innovations in 3D printing technologies & the push across the DoD to rapidly supply durable, effective equipment & parts to the Warfighter on the battlespace. Additive manufacturing methods are being quickly integrated across the Armed Services to increase the current level of capability, while reducing the cost of parts, in order to deliver greater operational flexibility to the Warfighter and further enhance the defense industrial base.

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