Fleet Management

Since the global pandemic of COVID-19 erupted, fleet-based companies have faced a range of technological, financial, and monetary difficulties. Focusing on avoiding the transmission of the infection and keeping workers safe while at the same time attempting to remain successful, or even just afloat, is a real problem for fleets. ITHENA's I.S.A.F.E app helps in Fleet Management and Fleet safety with its four key points.

Assess personal risk for drivers through automated BOT. Enable Fleet safety through integrated CMOS* sensing capabilities.


Integrated with the AI features of ITHENA's platform & NORA* to enable correlated dimensions.


Integrated with systems of enterprise records including Human Resources, Supplier Management, Customer Engagement & Building Management Systems.


With its modular capability of IoT & Device Integration along with systems of records integration, I.S.A.F.E can scale from one to many locations and from a few fleets to several thousand.

EBT Scan & Alert

Be it a Manufacturing Unit, Health Care Facility, University & School Campus, or Government & Commercial Facilities, ITHENA Thermal Screening helps keep working facilities safe with the help of 3 major points.

Industrial strength cameras to enable the reporting of elevated body temperatures for anyone entering the facilities.


Follow through on any @ risk areas or cases through the facility for the day and get alerted in near real time.


Integrated with your Systems of Record to be able to take immediate action or analyze trends across facilities & personnel.

Social Distancing

Worker Health & Safety has Never Been so Important!

With a P2P Social Distancing Solution for Work Teams, get your business going again and help ensure safe distances between workers in industrial environments.

Detect workers within a pre-set distance and immediately warn of any interaction using wearable tags with vibration feedback.

  • Adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines
  • Reduce Person-to-Person Contact
  • Ensure that Safe & Consistent Distancing is Maintained
  • Quick Deployment to Workers at a Job Site or Workplace

Complete Risk Management

Along with I.S.A.F.E, ITHENA’s social distancing app allows you as an employer to help govern social distancing practices in factories, hospitals, schools, universities, and other government or commercial facilities.

Enable real-time tracking and advanced analytics integrated with employee traceability and co-related cases.

Our solution allows for everyone from back-end individuals to front line employees to be alerted and vigilant, and eventually, to be able to outline and act on the next best steps to be safe amidst COVID-19 and beyond.

I.S.A.F.E Safety App for Front Line Ecosystem

Fleet Operators

Application to keep our essential business staff safe!

Patient Care Facilities

Keeping our front line employees & patients safe

Universities & School

Keeping our teachers, students @ Universities, Schools & other Learning Facilities safe


Features - Safety App for the Front Line Ecosystem
EBT Scan & Alert

Thermal technology to detect fever & elevated body temperature scans

Data Integration

Secure data transfer and integration with subsystems at facilities

Track Through

Keep track of risk cases during the day and get alerted at new case development

Action Center

Command center application for alert & action management


Benefits - Safety App for the Front Line Ecosystem
Workplace & Worker Safety

Environment & Community Safety

Fleet. Driver. Goods. Safety

Solution Compatible With

I.S.A.F.E is used widely in various industries for different objectives






Bus Station

Train Station


Be Safe With the ITHENA I.S.A.F.E Solution

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