Asset Tracking

Get the real-time location information of your valuable business assets, on and off-site consignments, and warehouse inventory. Get both indoor and outdoor monitoring capabilities with ITHENA Asset Tracking. 


Track, trace and be assured of your asset safety with ITHENA Asset Tracking

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Tracking Accuracy

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Increase in Maintenance Productivity

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Increase in Asset Utilization
ITHENA Asset Tracking helps track asset movement and comes with the following benefits
Extended asset lifetime
Reduced maintenance expenses
Streamlined audit & daily operations
Real-time asset management
Scheduling & tracking asset maintenance
Increased productivity
Enabled asset recovery and GPS positioning
Improved customer service




Along with accurate asset tracking and asset monitoring, you will also get personalized features.
Smart Dashboards

Persona driven, intuitive, simple, multilevel, workflow-driven analytics to manage the infrastructure for inclusive value

Cloud-Based Security

Achieve the most secure data storing and management by using cloud-based security

Device Management

The device management kit manages devices, apps, profiles & assets with ease

Tracking on Wheels

Track assets on wheels and the vehicle itself, at any time with geofencing alerts

Various Applications

Warehousing, stores, inventory management, offices, banks, trucks, event management

Condition Monitoring

Streamlines operations & identifies an issue before it becomes an actual problem; Better planning & resource utilization in operation

Alarms & Alerts

Get SMS / Email notifications if the asset is misplaced or in the wrong vicinity

Real-time tracking

Get the exact location of an asset and manage assets from other locations; Also, little to no chance for asset loss or theft

Applications - Inbound Tracking

Implement our solution and get the best out of it.
Banks and Police Stations

For traceability and tracking of valuables in bank vaults as well as weaponry and crime evidence in police stations

Medical Labs and Hospitals

Enables compliance in terms of traceability of blood samples, test results, and other medical supplies

Warehouse and Storerooms

For optimizing the use of the assets, and for reducing the number of errors that occur in the supply chain

Applications - Outbound Tracking

Implement our solution and get the best out of it.
Tracking On wheels

GPS integration which allows us to locate asset carrying vehicles on the road so that they can be tracked and traced

Asset Tracking Inside Truck

Track your valuable assets inside the trucks; Example - Bank vehicles can use this solution for security purposes when delivering hard currency

Reefer Truck Tracking

Real-time monitoring of refrigerated vehicles/fleet; Ongoing temperature updates at regular intervals

Improve Inventory Management and Event Management with ITHENA Asset Tracking

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